About SEDS unina

SEDS unina was founded by a team of Aerospace Engineering students brought together by the desire to create a place at the University of Naples Federico II to share knowledge, discuss, and explore Space.

SEDS unina aims to promote the development of Space research through projects, networking events, and other activities. The student association's goal is to open the doors to a growing sector for Engineering, Law, natural sciences, and humanities students, giving them the opportunity to explore Space non only through a scientific lense. Instead, it promotes an interdisciplinary view and the knowledge exchange among different disciplines.

Space for everyone

Together we’ll go beyond!

SEDS Italy

SEDS Italy is a student association that promotes the exploration and development of space.

As a federation of university delegations scattered throughout the country, we aim to spread interest in the world of space.

Our primary mission is to encourage students to explore and train in space, organizing events to solidify the bond between the delegations of our territory.