Accessing Space below the Karman line

STRA2SPHERA, ideated by Claudia Guerra and Raffaele Minichini, wants to give students thee opportunity to launch their experiments using low-cost stratospheric balloons. The programme will provide easy access to an environment close to Space to perform scientific research or test new technologies, all while admiring the spectacular view of the Earth's curvature that only the stratosphere can offer.


Just like the association from which it was born, STRA2SPHERA aims to open the doors of Space reseach for different disciplines: from Engineering to Biology, through Medicine and characterization of the radiative environment applications, promoting the collaboration and knowledge exchange among Faculties and Universities.

Help us create our space in Space

To make all of this possible - and do it in the safest and most effective way - we need your help: the idea of a reusable platform to send data and images, and that will allow for the retrieval of samples will require numerous expenses. By supporting our idea, you will directly contribute to the development of many research activities just waiting for a platform to be launched, and you will help us make our dream of having a space within Space. a reality.
In STRA2SPHERA, we strongly believe that advancing together is the best way to go far. This is why everyone who decides to support our idea will periodically receive updates on the project’s progress and a thank-you gift based on how much they’ll want to donate to our cause.


With a donation over 5€ you'll get:

  • The opportunity to send your name to the stratosphere
  • A digital boarding pass that certifies your support in the realization of our first launch


With a donation over 10€ you'll get:

  • Everything in Troposphere
  • A unique postcard from the video which will be filmed during the first launch campaign, personalized with a thank you message from the team


With a donation over 25€ you'll get:

  • Everything in Troposphere and Tropopause
  • An exclusive REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT  keychain with our logo, to bring STRA2SPHERA always with you